“Identities” is a photography installation project about my family’s identities. My daughter, who is half Haitian and half Japanese American, was born and is growing up in New York City. I was born and raised in Japan, came to New York in 1997. My husband was born in Haiti, came to New York when he was a little kid, and grew up in Brooklyn. In New York, we have let go of some aspects of our original cultures, and at the same time, we have not aimed to become100% mainstream American (a category itself a shifting set of cultural signs). Sometimes we feel like we do not belong to any of those countries where we live or have lived. The installation incorporates photographic portraits of my daughter, old photographs from both the Japanese family side and the Haitian family side, and, objects related to our cultural backgrounds. Through the process of creating “Identities” I search to visualize our roots and the cultural tendrils that have grown and intertwined from them.